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Farmers Market Vendors

A Place To Grow


 Whether potted alone or combined with other beautiful plants,  orchids make the perfect accessory to any living space. Going a step  beyond the ordinary, these plants are a tangible example of the growth  that is always happening inside and around us. Give yours “A Place to  Grow” today.   

Bella Vita Mushrooms


Gorgeous mushrooms in all shapes, colors and sizes!

Calista Blue


 The mission of Calista Blue is to create wearable art using natural  materials while also starting a conversation about natural, beautiful,  wild things. 

Carlton Farm


 Carlton Farms is a diversified sustainable family farm located 45 miles  NW of Atlanta. We produce raw cows milk for pets from grass-fed Jersey  cows, pasture raised non-GMO eggs, grass-fed beef, and lamb, as well as  pasture raised, non-GMO poultry and pork. No antibiotics or hormones  used; pastures are not treated with pesticides, herbicides, or  commercial fertilizer. 

Cradleboard Creations


 Our products are created through vision, inspiration and what is  available around us at the time. We rotate and always are changing our  recipes like the seasons. 95% of our ingredients are grown by us, found  in the wild or sourced locally. We make our products in small batches  with the upmost tender love and care.  

Doug's Deli


Doug's is a local deli that offers fresh, homemade food all  made from scratch!

Georgia Bluebird Greenhouses


Locally grown plants for your house and garden.

Harvest Moon Produce


Veggies from the garden!

Kieler Bees


Local honey, beeswax lip balms, and  reusable beeswax food wraps.

Quiet Acres Sustainable Farm


 Brandon Williams is a first  generation farmer growing nutrient dense food right here in Rome,  Georgia.  He is a graduate of the Horticulture program at Georgia  Northwestern. His passion for growing vegetables started at a very young  age in his grandpa's garden.  

Rise 'N Shine Organic Farm


  In its 15th year of operation, Rise ‘N Shine Farm grows certified  organic fruits and vegetables and sells pasture-raised eggs from the  free-range chickens on their farm.  They are 6th generation Romans and  are focused on providing the community with the highest quality and  healthiest local food.   

Riverview Farms


 We practice Full Circle Farming. We are (unusually so) a closed-loop  medium-sized farm, where our land supports our livestock, and the  livestock supports our land—building soil fertility for growing all of  our animals’ feed, and produce.  Taste our succulent heritage pork or a fragrant juicy melon and you’ll  know; our good-for-you-and-the-world practice is not only sustainable,  it’s delicious too! 

Sapelo Farms


 Sapelo Farms grows specialty cut flowers. Many of their flowers are heirloom varieties, old family favorites and blooms with history. A bouquet of fresh, local flowers is sure to brighten the day! 

Sequatchie Cove Creamery


Sequatchie Cove Creamery produces farmstead cheese using time honored  European traditions with a distinctly Southern flair. Our cheeses are  made using the raw milk from cows who spend every waking moment on  grass, letting the expression of the land shine through in its flavors.  Fresh forage, sunlight, Tennessee mountain air, a good bit of science,  and a dash of artistry are the tools we rely on daily. 

Studio Siri


I take great pleasure of being part of growing the arts in our community. As a painter, framer, teacher, business owner and mom I want to make memories last forever.

Sunflour Community Bakery


Baked goods from Sunny!

Swift and Finch


All things delicious from the coffee people.

Tucker Farms


 Tucker Farms is a sustainability-focused specialty vegetable farm  located on the banks of the Oostanaula in Northern Floyd County. The  farm grows lettuces and greens year round in a hydroponic greenhouse and  seasonal vine crops and root vegetables in its gardens. Tucker Farms is  owned by Craig and Kikki Tucker.

Udderly Cool Creamery


Udderly Cool Creamery makes delicious aged and fresh cheeses by hand. Berry College Dairy provides the milk which is pasteurized, salted, shaped and ripened to produce  gold medal winning cheeses including  Monterey-style Jack, to the signature Flavor of Georgia finalist, Applewood Smoked Gouda. The Greens are certain you'll find an "Udderly Cool" cheese you love! 



Locally made soaps, bath bombs, scrubs and more.